Raising kids is no easy feat. There's a ton to do, and they don't come with a manual. One of the most important things we can take care of — although we often take it for granted — is the health and wellnes of our children.

St. Hill Pharmaceutical Corporation wants to help make tending to wellness an easier habit to keep. Fewer than 10% of the the 72 million children under the age of 18 take a multivitamin each day. We can do better than this!

The Simpsons Vitamin Products are a smart fun way to get your U.S.R.D.A. Best of all, they're sugar free. Did you know that the best selling children's chewable on the store shelf today contains 55.9% sucrose by weight? Daily supplementation for your children does not need to involve more sugar.

St. Hill is proud to offer a variety of sugar free supplements so that all families have choices about how to get their daily dose of vitamins and minterals.

Our flagship product, The Simpsons Berry Squirts Omega 3 Formula, provides a kid-specific solution to an important trend in fish oil supplementation. There is a growing body of research to suggest that fish oil has significant positive effects on brain function. Now kids can experience all of the health benefits of fish oil in tasty, sugar free, chewable Berry Squirts.

The Simpsons Sugar Free Chewable Vitamins are available in many formulations to address the many wellness needs of kids. Whether it's an extra dose of Vitamin C to help ward off colds, or an extra dose of Calcium to help growing bones, or just a daily multivitamin with minerals for an overall feeling of wellness each day, The Simpsons Chewables are here to help.

We've also developed some innovative supplement products like The Simpsons Strips and The Simpsons Fizz Effervescent Health Formula because there's a lot of different ways you can help your kids take charge of their health and wellness. And parents, all the Simpsons Vitamin Products are formulated for you to take them too.

The Simpsons Vitamins Products are a brand you can ask for by name. And because they're produced by St. Hill Pharmaceutical Corporation, you can trust that we are always focused on providing products produced under the strictest standards and of the highest quality.

Thanks for choosing St. Hill. We hope you enjoy The Simpsons Vitamin Products. Be well.

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