What you expect from a chewable tablet, except better. Multi flavors, sweet, crunchy, and best of all, sugar free.  
Looks like a gumball, tastes like a gumball, but loaded with 11 essential vitamins. Five minutes of chewing, blow a couple of bubbles, not just for kids.  
Bite down for healthy squirt of Omega 3 . Then the capsule chews like a gummy bear. Except, of course, sugar free.  
Melt-in-your-mouth health, vitamin strips dissolve on your tongue. Easy way to get your U.S.R.D.A. of 8 essential vitamins.  
Like the days of Pixie Stix, except healthy and no sugar. Pour the fruit flavored powder on your tongue and wash it down with a cold swig of water.  
Make-your-own health drink. Just plop an effervescent health supplement into water, let dissolve, then drink up. Fizzy vitamin and herbal support that's tasty and easy to drink. Like flavored water only smarter.  
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